Why is the addon so slow?
Gaia is packed with many advanced features. Some of these features are computationally expensive and may therefore take some time to execute. Scraping can take a few minutes, the rest of the addon should however run smoothly. This is a well known problem, especially on slow media boxes, such as Fire Sticks, Raspberry Pis, and other devices with slow processors and/or limited memory.

Features will not be removed from Gaia simply to accommodate people with slow devices. The addon is continuously improved to be more efficient. You can tweak many of the default settings to drastically reduce the scraping and processing time. If you have tweaked all possible settings, waiting a few minutes the scraping to finish is not the end of the world.

You can try the following to improve your experience with Gaia:

  • Get a faster device or install Kodi on your desktop or laptop.
  • Make sure that no other background processes or addons are running that might consume you processing resources.
  • Enable the cache settings option, which should drastically increase the performance across the addon: Gaia → Tools → Settings → General → Cache Settings.
  • Use the built-in provider optimization (this might be inaccurate): Gaia → Tools → Providers → Optimization.
  • Disable all the providers that you do not need: Gaia → Tools → Settings → Providers.
  • Enable early stopping once enough sources were found: Gaia → Tools → Settings → Scraping → Preemptive Termination.
  • Disable season pack searches: Gaia → Tools → Settings → Scraping → Season Packs.
  • Enable failure detection to automatically disable providers that are slow: Gaia → Tools → Settings → Scraping → Season Packs.

Last Updated: 18 Mar 2019
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