Some links do not show as being cached?
Not all links will show as being cached on the debrid servers. Hoster files can mostly be accessed directly through a debrid service, and caching is not applicable there. Only torrent and usenet files are subject to caching.

In some cases certain torrent and usenet streams do not show up as being cached although they are. This can be caused by streams that require a torrent or NZB file to be downloaded first, before the hash can be calculated and the cache inspected. These files have a size of between 500KB and 5MB. Hence, when scraping a single movie or episode, a few hundred megabytes have to be downloaded during the process. This puts a heavy load on the scraped website and also on your own internet connection. For this reason, any stream that requires the download of a file is not cache inspected.

Torrent magnet links are not subject to this problem, since they do not require a separate file download. Gaia always checks if the provider offers a magnet link. If these are available, the cache is inspected. If no magnet links are available, a torrent file is downloaded on request. Since torrent files are not automatically downloaded in the background, they are not cached inspected. Some of the providers only offer torrent files and no magnet links, such as Demonoid.
Last Updated: 06 Jan 2018
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